How to Disable Windows Backup

Windows 8.1 backs up your files in two main ways -- File Recovery and System Image Backup. File Recovery only backs up your documents and data. System Image Backup creates an image of your hard drive to enable you to restore your entire system, including your applications and data. System Image Backup works in the same way it did with Windows 7. If you use a third-party backup program, you can safely disable both of these backup features to conserve system resources and avoid unwanted prompts.

Seagate Hard Drive Issues

Seagate is one of the major hard drive manufacturers and has a large product range of storage devices. Certain drives, however, have some issues. Its Barracuda 7200.11 drive, in particular, has drawn some flak for not operating as stated and causing loss of data. The issues with the Seagate drives have not affected everybody, but owners of Seagate drives can visit the support site (see Resources) to download a firmware update that resolves most problems with the affected drives. Never physically open your hard drive to try and fix it, as this will permanently damage the drive.

Why the External Hard Drive Makes a Clicking Noise

Electronic equipment, like external hard drives, can make some pretty interesting noises when they're running. Humming and buzzing are common and typically benign sounds to hear from a hard drive. If your hard drive is making a clicking sound, however, you should determine whether the sound is normal or whether it's indicative of hard drive failure.

How to Install a Seagate Hard Drive

If your computer is older and you're running low on resources, you probably want to upgrade. Installing a hard drive may sound difficult, but it actually isn't a complicated job. Seagate is a reliable hard drive manufacturer. Whether you're upgrading or replacing a damaged hard drive, you can install a Seagate hard drive in a few easy steps.

How to Find a Data Recovery Service

Hard disk failures are so common that data recovery is a multi-billion dollar industry. If you need to recover deleted photos, have a hard drive repair, or retrieve data for a business, a data recovery service can help to deal with the panic of losing files and information. Learn how to find a data recovery service and retrieve lost information for peace of mind.

How to Fix a Dead SATA Hard Drive

If your SATA hard drive fails, you may face massive data loss. SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) hard drive failure occurs when the hard drive has melted internal components or stuck heads due to physical abuse or old age. Without a proper backup, you must get the drive working long enough to recover the data. Fixing a dead SATA hard drive is no different than fixing any other type of hard drive.

How to Recover a Hard Drive That Doesn't Boot Up

An intermediate computer user can recover data from a hard drive that won't boot up. In some cases, you may need help from a special software and data recovery service. According to "Popular Mechanics," data on a hard drive that won't boot up is usually recoverable either through relatively cheap and simple means or through expensive professional help. Decide how much time and money you are willing to spend to recover your data.

Western Digital External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Western Digital is one of the popular external hard drive manufacturers. It is important to create a backup copy of all of your files, so that when something happens to your computer, you may still be able to recover your data. Using an external hard drive is essential not only because of its ability to provide a backup copy of your files but also because of its portability. If you ever need to repair your external hard drive, you can send it in without having to send your whole computer. There are various ways to backup your data, and to be able to recover it later on, you need to know first how to prepare for disaster.

How to Create an Entertainment Business Plan

When you're about to start your own entertainment business, you shouldn't just dive right in. You'd only end up making mistakes and blowing a chance at something terrific. The best way to start an entertainment business (or any business for that matter) is to create a business plan. You can create a plan in a few steps and be able to build a strong foundation for a business with longevity.

Establish the basic outline of your business. For an entertainment company, for example, you would want to include the initial services you'd offer as part of your business model, such as party music, DJs and costumed characters.

How to Be a Responsible Community Member

A community is a group of people with shared interests. Everyone is a member of at least one community, the community they live in. Whether you consider your community the people who live in your building, the people in your neighborhood or the people in your town, you have a responsibility as a member of that community.

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