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Fiction Writing Tips

9169062116_ec139f7396_zIn our life we go through many different phases feeling a plethora of emotions. We see many incidents taking place around us which we subconsciously save in our memory. Some people bring these forth by way of creative mediums such as singing, dancing, acting, or writing.

Just like any other art form, fiction writing also becomes perfect with practice. Grasp of the language, as well as the ability to creatively put a point across determines any person’s success in this field. There are also some basic writing tips which every aspiring writer should be aware of to be able to bring out his best in writing.

Components of the Story
There are in all six components of a story. A fiction writer needs to work on each of them to develop the story completely. These components are–the main plot, the theme, the characters, the setting (the era and location where the story takes place), the character dialogs, and the point of view of the narrator with regards to the characters and events taking place.

Developing a Style of Writing
Every writer should develop his

Acting Tips for Kids

7828532-25902896-thumbnailWith showbiz becoming a global industry, there has been a constant demand for actors. The obvious impact is that there has also been a considerable increase in the demand for child actors, who seem to be giving the producers a good run for their money. In such a scenario, it becomes absolutely necessary that the aspiring child actors learn some important tips and tricks that would help them improve their talent.

Acting is a great career for those who are interested, and of course talented. People aspiring to be successful actors in the future actually start nurturing their talent from childhood itself. With the rising demand for more and more child actors in different media of the showbiz industry, including theater, television, cinema and advertisements, nurturing this young talent has become even more essential. As children are not much aware of how the acting world works, it becomes the responsibility of the parents and mentors to train the child to act. Though some kids are experts in mimicking other actors as well as people they meet in their daily life,

Tips on Becoming an Actress

021015_experts-answer-2-jpg-600x600_q100Has acting always been your passion? Does watching Hollywood flicks stir your soul? Do you always wish you could emulate your favorite leading lady? Do you have that burning desire to be renowned all around the world? Well, acting is not only a fantastic career, it is one that can propel you to great heights of fame and popularity. In fact, being a leading Hollywood actress and getting recognition for one’s talent is something every wannabe dreams about. There are times when women or men cannot handle the dizzying heights of success which sometimes even has a negative impact on their personal life. But, becoming an actress is no easy task if you don’t have a godfather in the film industry. Unless of course, you are the daughter of Hollywood’s snootiest and richest couple! For those women, who are struggling to get their first break, here are some tips on becoming an actress.

Essential Tips to Become a Successful Actress

Well, we all know that being an actress may not always require acting skills! However, being trained in this department

Acting Tips and Techniques

We would all love to be famous, and acting is one such field which has made many people achieve fame and popularity. Now, the basic question is: Who can become a famous and successful actor? The answer to this question is, it is the one who works hard on improving his skills and is able to connect with his audience. Given below are some acting tips and tricks which will prove to be useful for all aspiring actors.

Understand the Script Thoroughly
Whether you wish to become a theater artist or a film artist, understanding the script is very important. You should sit with the directors, scriptwriters, and the producers of the film and discuss each and every aspect of the story of the film with them. While you are hearing the story, decide whether you like it, and try to judge whether the film made will be good enough. If yes, then you can go ahead with working in the film.

Understand Your Character
After reading the film as a whole, you need to understand your character in particular. Try to understand the personality of the character, his behavior traits, and think of how you will be preparing so

Acting Audition Tips

Yes, you want to be an actor badly, everything about acting intrigues and interests you―everything except auditioning for a part. Many actors dread the very word ‘audition’ and would love to avoid it like the plague. Unfortunately though, auditioning is a part of the acting game. Without one, the other cannot exist. But why let the fear of auditions come in the way of your career? Instead, learn some great acting audition tips and ace that audition. Here’s how.

Let’s divide the topic into 3 parts. The first part will deal with how to prepare for acting auditions―that is, the preparation before the auditions. The second―things to do during an audition, and the third―things to do after an audition.

Before the Audition

Granted that the audition is the main event but there can be several things that can be done in order to make the auditions a sure success.

  • Make sure that you do all the research that the topic involves. This means you must know the character inside out. Formulate your theories and get them right―who is the character? Where does he come from? Why does he behave the way he does? Knowing your character will let you portray

How to Write Fiction

One of the best ways of unleashing one’s imagination is to write. Fiction writing is one of the most interesting genres, where there is no restraint on how to write or what to write. Anything that you think of writing can become a story. The passion for creative writing will help you unleash your hidden talent of becoming a fiction writer. You only need to know the correct methodology to write fiction.

Fiction (taken from the Latin word fictum, meaning ‘created’) is defined as a literary work that is based on one’s imagination. Fiction is one of the genres of literature that includes novels, dramas, poetry, prose, etc. Fiction has its own origin and is as old as literature itself. There are three categories according to which fiction can be classified – by form, length and content. Each fiction story or novel revolves around some important elements of fiction like plot, the story setting, characters, theme and style. Fiction is also classified according to the likes of the intended audience, for instance there are fiction novels available according to the age and taste of an individual. A good fiction writer keeps his audience entertained and glued to the book

How to Write a Novel

Novel writing is an art that emerges from the inside of a person and is something that requires a lot of perseverance and patience. To write a novel, the most important of all requirements is to have the passion to write. Passion to write is like the petrol in a car, which is essential to reach the destination.

Novel writing is not a two-day plan, instead it is a long-term assignment that calls for undeterred determination. The eagerness to write a novel, should be because you love writing and not because you love the money and fame that accompany it. Wrong motives will lead you to the wrong destination, leaving you frustrated and empty handed.

There are no hard and fast rules for writing and nobody can jot down a few steps that will enable you to write a successful novel. Nevertheless, keeping a few points in mind will definitely help you write better.

Polish Your Skills
Musicians, artists, designers, and so on have different courses at colleges that can help them hone their skills. As a writer, you could choose to do a creative writing course to help you begin. However, writing is an art, so, even if you haven’t

How to Find a Publisher

There is this revolution called the Internet that has surprisingly made life simpler. More so, for you, if you’re a writer, ready with your manuscript, aiming to publish your book. If you put in genuine efforts consistently, you can rest assured that your book will surely get published, sooner or later. The market is very competitive; publishers are busy short listing books that have the substance to make it big in the commercial market. Therefore, you’ve got to be patient and work for some time before you land up with a publisher, ready to immortalize your words in print. To find a publisher to publish a book, you need to find authentic and genuine contacts. Without building good contacts in this field, you may not be able to advance further in fulfilling your dreams.

Social Media, Ready to Help.
There are various online resources such as publishing magazines, blogs, and agencies, that will help you to know about the top publishers in the US. However, for contacting top publishers like Simon & Schuster or Pearson, you obviously don’t need to do any research, except for visiting their official website and inquiring about their process to publish a book. But

How to Find an Editor

Any aspiring writer and novelist will be able to tell you the value and the importance of an editor in the entire process of content creation. It may not seem apparent at first, but an experienced reader will instantly be able to tell if the words have been edited and proofread or not. From the writer’s point of view, it is absolutely necessary to involve the services of an editor, as it is qiute possible to introduce typos and errors while writing. If these errors persist in the text, it certainly does not reflect well on the writer himself.

Finding the right editor is not a difficult task by any means, but it is important to settle for a suitable one. He should have enough experience in the domain and a good command over the language in which the text is written. Depending on the nature of the text that you have written and the platform on which it is to be published, you can scour several sources in order to find the best one possible.

Ways to Find an Editor

When it comes to picking the best sources, there are many different options for one to explore. These range from

How to Get a Book Published

Writing is, no doubt, the best way to vent out your feelings and express your thoughts. Some people write poems and short stories, others write what they learn from life. Irrespective of what you write about, there is always a scope of getting your work published. Unaware of the process involved, most of the amateur writers refrain from getting into―what they call―the intricacies of publishing, and stick to their blogs and diaries. Those few who do, take the help of an agent and eventually end up being ripped off. It may seem a tedious job, but getting a book published is a lot simple than you can imagine.

Getting a Book Published

The most important thing about publishing a book is writing. Sounds strange, but you don’t have to necessarily write a book to express your thoughts. If you doubt your writing skills, you can get it written by a ghostwriter―a person who will write a book, but give you the credit. This is mostly the case when a person writes about the experiences of his life. A more suitable way is to publish your original work, which may include your poems, stories, or your diary. In either way, you

How to Write a Good Book Review

Book reviews can be a great foot in the door if you are looking to get your writing published somewhere. Most magazines, whether online or print, will include book reviews about books that tackle the topics the magazine discusses. Also, most editors and staff writers are usually too busy to read books and review them themselves (unless they are specifically assigned to a book review column). Therefore, writing book reviews can be a great way to get started with a writing career. How do you write a great book review that will be sure to be noticed? Follow these tips to write a really interesting and unique book review.

Start with a Description of the Book

Many people that are reading your review may not know anything about the book you’re reviewing. Instead of making them go find information on their own by searching for the book title, start out with a little description of the book. Make sure you avoid too long of a summary, though, because if too much of your article is a summary of the book, it won’t be interesting. Start with a short paragraph or so that hits all the major points but doesn’t give

How to Write a Comic Book

A comic book should ideally contain 22 pages. It makes the book short and compact. Just like any other creative activity, writing a comic book is also an art. It is a form of creative writing in which one has to visualize the sequence of events instead of just creating a verbal ‘portrait’. The story should draw attention and liven up the reader’s interest. Since most of the comic book stories are read by children, the content presented in them should be simple, entertaining and must give a positive message.

Make Your Own

To write a comic book, one should either follow the ‘full script’ or ‘plot-art-dialogue’ method. The above two methods though, are commonly used in comic writing, you can also innovate if you wish to do so. The full script method gives more control to the writer in a sense, that he/she can decide on the number of panels in a page, the characters presented in it and finally the sequence of events and dialogs. The plot-art-dialogue method on the other hand, allows the artist to take charge of the portrayal of events in the story. The writer has to provide the artist with a synopsis of the

How to Make a Comic Book

Comic books are meant for fun and providing recreation from the daily study routines for students and hectic work hours for the adults. A comic book has several characters as per the need of the story and good dialogs and pictures which make us laugh. You need to have a great sense of humor and story telling abilities to make a comic book. The steps in making a comic book – the character, the cover as well as how to make one using the computer have been explained in the succeeding paragraphs.

Choose a Concept, Write a Story And Design the Characters

The plot of your comic book should be very interesting and unique. Try to be original and creative to create more impact on your readers, instead of stealing ideas by referring other comic books. Decide how many comic characters will be there in your book and give them interesting names. Prepare a rough draft of the story once you are fully confident that your story is good enough. Now, let us discuss how to make a comic book character. Proper designing and making of the characters is the most important factor which will be contributing to the success

How to Sell Your Comic Book Collection

In today’s age of Playstations, Nintendos and Xboxs, do you think that there are people reading comic books? Well, there may be, I am not saying that there aren’t. But then, I am sure that their numbers will be relatively lesser. I don’t even remember when was the last time I read one. So this means that, if at all you were amongst those, who at one time used to buy dozens of comics every day, you will have a storeroom full of them. So, I think it would be a good idea for you to sell the comics that you’ve got. And what could be better than getting monetary rewards in return.

Selling Comic Books

Firstly, collect all your comics as it is best to sell them in bulk. You also will need to know what grade comics you’ve got. The grade means how good is the condition of your book. Obviously, the better the condition, the better will be the price you can expect.

It is also important to know how much your comics are worth. To know this, consider various factors like the condition or the grade, the age, rarity, etc. These are few essential things you should

How to Grade Comic Books By Condition

Grading a comic book is done to give a grade to the book. This helps to define the monetary value of the comic book. For example a mint which is the best quality of comic book condition might get you the price of 5 comic books which are of poor grade. Comic book grading can be done by professionals. There are certain companies that evaluate comic books by condition and give them the right grade. However, if you wish to get your comic books collection evaluated and want grades for each comic, then you can ask a company to do it for your collection. But, this might cost you much. So, why not grade comic books yourself?

How to Grade Comic Books By Condition?

The first thing you need to grade your comic books by condition, is to divide them. Divide your comic books and graphic novels according to their release date. Then make your own standard chart, where the grading system of comic books from poor to mint is mentioned. You can refer to many comic books grading guides online, to get an idea. Once you are done preparing your chart, you need to start the process of comic

Comic Book Story Ideas

There is no denying the universal and ageless appeal of a comic book. An escape from reality, a chance to see dreams and visions in print, a role model to look up to… the reasons are endless but comic books are a special form of literature that can turn even a reluctant reader into a bookworm. And as with all forms of literature, you can write your own comic book, using your own ideas and imagination. While picturization and drawing are two key processes involved in comic book creation, the first step is coming up with a plot or storyline for your comic book.

Ideas for a Comic Book Storyline

✍ What sort of comic book do you want to write? Science fiction (the most popular choice), fantasy, action adventure, historical, comedic or slapstick, for kids, graphic and dark art… deciding your genre in advance, makes coming up with a storyline and plot much simpler.

✍ You need a hero or a heroine. The great thing about comic books is there are no constraints or rules! Create a whole civilization or galaxy to base your story on. A team or clan is another good point to start from. Different members with

How to Develop Comic Timing

Many people in the entertainment industry are of the view that comic timing is something that is innate. It is something that is already there in a person and thus, cannot be developed with any technique or practice. To some extent, it can be said that it is true. However, those of you who are aspiring to be comedians need not lose heart. Although, some elements of fun, offbeat thinking and quirkiness, is a prerequisite to perfect your comic timing, yet, with practice, with the right techniques and with the help of tips suggested below, you can certainly find the comedian hiding inside you.

Ways to Develop Great Comic Timing

Work on Yourself
Start finding fun and comedy in everyday life, the people who you meet and in the way that you or people around you react to various circumstances. This will certainly up your fun quotient. Next, take a comedy class. Study the works of comic legends and learn how they build up the suspense during their performance or take pauses in between, to give the audience time to understand or react to their comic lines. Once you start watching the works of legends in this field, you will

How to Start Your Own Comedy Club

When you go to a comedy club, what do you look for? Interesting and entertaining acts, comfortable seating, good food, excellent acoustics and lovely ambiance. Well, this is exactly what the visitors of your comedy club will expect from you.

Though it is quite difficult to initiate a comedy club, starting it can be a financially and emotionally fulfilling business. In today’s times, when people are stressed and overworked, an evening of laughter can really provide them much-needed relaxation and respite. Hence, people are ready to spend a considerable amount to have a good time with their family.

Apart from this, as an owner, you will have to fulfill many demanding duties. You will have to single-handedly look for a place, scout for talent, hire staff, take care of legal formalities, get the interior done, look after the tickets and promotions. It is also important that you come up with a popular name for your club which will attract people to it. However, it is an excellent opportunity for those who want to come up with something on their own in the glamorous field of entertainment. Maybe this will serve as your passport to an even bigger and better venture.

Tips and Advice on Dancing

How to dance is a major question that comes in the minds of many people, who are new to it, or to be precise, new to public dancing. You may have a good experience of dancing alone in your room as a mood elevator or fat burner, but when it comes to doing it socially, you should know the basics. There are different types of dances, that are performed on different occasions. Here are a few tips that can help you.

A Good Instructor

You should learn from a good instructor, as this is essential in teaching you how to take the grip of beats and music. The coordination between various parts of the body along with the music beats, forms the major part of this exercise. When you are dancing with a partner, the steps and synchronization comes into play; and when you are giving a public performance, the practice and timings are necessary to make a good impression.

Dress Code

The dress also plays a major role in giving a final effect to the performance. The clothes should be such that, they look graceful and match well with the form of dance and the situation. Make sure you are comfortable

Stand Up Comedy Tips

Someone once said, “Laughter is the spark of the soul.”, and so, with a good comedy, one can burst into peals of non-stop laughter. In a stand up comedy, the comedian performs for a live audience. He communicates with them directly, and gears the show with his sense of humor. The performer is known as stand up comedian or comic. To make the show completely entertaining, the comedian has to be spontaneous and should possess every skill to make the audience laugh.


This type of entertainment has its roots in the late 19th century, in vaudeville, music halls, minstrel shows, etc. The most popular comedians of United States were Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Milton Berle, Fred Allen, and Frank Fay. Such shows ruled not only in the US, but all over the world. And today, the most renowned comedian of this genre, Jerry Seinfeld, has been ruling the telly box. The art of making people laugh is indeed commendable.


To receive a handful of applause from your audience, you need to develop your skills to make people laugh continuously. Here are the tips for the same. Remember this quote, “If every word I said could make you laugh, I’d talk